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Now with UL Assistance, it's possible to get compliance design help directly from former UL Senior Engineers.

If you manufacture electrical components or equipment, you will eventually have to submit them for UL or CSA certification. Be prepared: design experience is not offered during the testing and certification process. Now with UL Assistance, its possible to get compliance design help directly from former UL Senior Engineers. Our engineers have experience from years of evaluating and testing systems, products and equipment of every category and type imaginable. If it’s been manufactured, we’ve seen it. If it’s new, we know about it.

Our engineering staff comes from the top testing laboratories in the US and Europe. Our training and certification professionals are the most experienced in the industry. Our sales staff is knowledgeable in certification, testing and product safety, and they will help you get started quickly with ease. With UL Assistance, rest assured knowing that all of our engineers are certified engineers with years of experience in the testing and certification business. Our staff is knowledgeable, professional, hard-working and courteous.

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