UL / CSA Certifications

Let our former senior UL engineers make the UL & CSA Certification process a success. We are located just down the street from UL!

Former Senior UL Engineers

The best way to become a UL expert is to work for UL. We have a team of highly experienced including several former senior UL engineers who can provided in-depth assistance through the entire compliance process.

Full Certifications

UL, UL-C, and CSA Certifications in our test lab, at an installation site, or at your facility. We can take the lead for you or, we can help you lead the process.

Free Consultation

We know you will want to use us once you talk to one of our experts. We offer a free 1 hour technical consultation by phone or in our lab to all new customers. We learn about your product while you get valuable feedback – for free!

We can do it for you or we can help you lead the process. And unlike most certification labs, we are experienced in hundreds of UL, CSA, EN, & IEC standards including:

  • Information Technology, Audio, & Video Equipment: 62368, 60950, 60065
  • Laboratory, Test, Measurement, & Control Equipment: 61010
  • Medical Electrical Equipment: 60601
  • Household & Commercial Appliances: 73, 197, 325, 499, 507, 751, 859, 962, 1026, 1310, 1647, 1727, 60335
  • Machinery & Industrial Equipment: 50, 50E, 508, 508A, 60204
  • Luminaires: 153, 1573, 1574, 1598, 1838, 8750
  • Laser, LED, & UV: 21CFR, 60825
  • Hazardous Location Equipment: 913, 60079, 121201, NFPA496
  • Plastics: 94, 746A, 746B, 746C, 746D
  • IP/NEMA: IP11 – IP69K; All UL & NEMA enclosure types
  • Tools: 745, 987, 7700, 60745, 62841
  • Other: UL, CSA, CPSC, ASTM, EN, IEC, ISO

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