Product Testing Lab

One test or a complete test plan, we can conduct many product safety, environmental, and performance tests. Need a product specific test plan developed, we can do that too!

Test Plan Development

A test standard is not a test plan. Planning for tests without having a test plan can lead to many problems. Read our whitepaper “A Test Standard is not a Test Plan” to learn about all the benefits of having a thorough test plan. Then let’s work together to develop a test plan that is appropriate for your product.

IP/NEMA Test Lab

Make a product that can be used outdoors? If so, your product needs an IP or NEMA/UL type rating for “ingress protection”. We can provide all the guidance you need to identify the appropriate ratings for your product, and then we can perform the applicable tests to verify compliance. Need design guidance? We can do that too!

Environmental Test Lab

Wherever your product is used, in whatever climate and exposure conditions, we can perform the appropriate tests to verify compliance. Proper operation over the products’ expected service life cannot be assumed. Avoid warranty returns and safety/liability issues. Test your product to insure it performs as intended!

Fully ISO17025 accredited 25,000 square foot test lab with all the equipment needed to perform product safety, plastics, performance, and environmental testing. Product safety, product quality, product durability, warranty liability prevention, failure analysis, etc. UL, CSA, EN, IEC, ISO, and ASTM standards. See our certificate and scope here. Quote by test or by test plan.

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